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Glasses & Sunglasses Lenses

Choosing the right Glasses & Sunglasses Lenses for you can make the difference between a good pair of glasses (and sometimes sunglasses) and an amazing pair. We have put togther some useful information to help you determine which lens options are best for you.


Single vision lenses

Single vision lenses for:

Distance - further than arms length e.g. for driving

Computer use - reduces glare from computer screens

Reading - needed for close work such as reading, sewing, etc


Price: FREE


This is a lens where the majority of the lens is set to the long distance part of your prescription. There is a segment fused to the lens with extra magnification so that you are able to read.


Your optician will advise you as to the smallest print you should be able to read and the working distance where reading is most comfortable. We use a 'D28' bifocal on all orders.


In practice we would measure where the segment would be situated in the frame in relation to your eye. By ordering this type of lens online you accept that we will calculate the best place for the segment in relation to the pupil distances that you provide us with and the frame that you choose. 


Price: £30.00


These are progressive lenses where the top of the lens is set for your long distance (driving, television etc). The lens gets progressively stronger towards the bottom of the lens so that you can also read. The varifocal lens also has an area 'in between' for middle distance. This means that one lens will correct your long distance, computer distance and reading distance.


These lenses are great if changing between two or three pairs of glasses is becoming inconvenient. If you  find that varifocals do not work for you then we will replace the lenses at no cost with either single vision or bifocal lenses to the same specification up to 30 days after the delivery date.


These lenses in practice are measured so that the distance area is set directly over the pupil.  By ordering this type of lens on line you accept that we will calculate the best place for the segment in relation to the pupil distances that you provide us with and the frame that you choose. 


Please see 'Varifocal Options' for choice & prices. Thank you.

Varifocal Options

Silver (standard)

This type of standard or 'entry level' varifocal lens is great for the wearer who is used to an traditional style lens. This lens will present areas of 'soft focus' at the edge of the lens. There are two types of lens available in this style. Our experienced lens technicians will select the best lens to suit the frame that you choose.

Price: £70.00


Gold (quality)

A fantastic lens with minimal distortion areas at the edge of the lens. This lens can be designed to suit the type of frame that you choose. The lens is individually manufactured to offer the wearer a lens that has less distortions at the edge and means that you do not have to move your head as much to see through the correct part of the lens.

Price: £100.00


Platinum (premium)

Our platinum standard varifocals lens offers the best quality at Glasses Galore. It is one of the most advanced designs in varifocal lenses and offers the 'smoothest' graduation with the widest areas for both long distance and reading. The main benefit with this lens is the lack of head movement to find the best area for clear vision.

Price: £135.00


Transition Lenses

Everyone can benefit from Transitions Lenses.


They provide convenient protection from glare, and block 100% of harmful UV rays. At Glasses Galore we use only top quality official Transitions VI Photochromic lenses. This means that when your photochromic lenses are indoors they are the clearest they can be, and when they are outdoors they go sufficiently dark to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun. Other brands of this type of 'colour changing lens' can either be too dark indoors or not dark enough outdoors.


The lenses are available to go either Grey or Brown when they change colour outdoors. Our simple order process will allow you to specify the colour you would prefer.


Price: £40.00

Lens Thickness


There are several different levels of lens thinning below is a list of approximate values for the finished lens against the standard lens.


Standard: FREE

1.6   up to 33% thinner and lighter
1.67 up to 36% thinner and lighter
1.74 up to 42% thinner and lighter
When thinning lenses the price includes both anti glare and scratch resistant coatings.


* Please note: The image on the order form is for guidance only and is not representative of the actual lens thickness.

Lens Coatings

Scratch Resistant coating

This is a coating applied to the top layer of the lens to form a tougher surface. This protects the surface of the lens from minor scratching and maintains clearer vision through the lens for longer.

Price: £5.00


Anti Glare coating

This coating when applied to the lens protects your vision from 'glare.' Glare can come from many sources all of which we come across on a daily basis such as:

  • Car headlights 
  • Street lighting
  • Computer screens
  • Sunlight

The coating also compliments a pair of beautiful glasses because it reduces the reflections on the surface of the lens so your eyes are much clearer to another person eg. when speaking to someone.

Price: £20.00


Anti Glare coating & Scratch Resistant coating 

Our ULTRA coating incorporates anti glare and scratch resistance to provide a coating that is extremely tough whilst giving all the benefits of the anti reflective coating. This lens is also hydrophobic so will clear itself if the lens becomes 'steamed up'. You'll be happy with this lens coating what ever the weather.

Price: £40.00

Lens Tinting


Grey & Brown £10.00

Ray-Ban Green £15.00

* All tints into prescription sunglasses are FREE