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Prescription Sunglasses & Glasses

At Glasses Galore we have a wealth of experience in our on site optometrist and lab technicians. We feel that this is essential when dealing with your prescription. Every single pair of glasses are checked and checked again for both prescription accuracy and for overall quality.

We strongly recomend that absolute care is taken to enter your prescription so that your glasses are absolutely perfect when you recieve them.
Please take extra care when entering values as either + or - values. Enter the prescription EXACTLY as it appears on the prescription copy as we can work out which parts are relevant for your spectacles when you advise us what you will use them for.


Prescription examples

Your prescription should be given to you at the end of your eye examination. In some cases there may be sections of the form which are 'blank'. This is normal as not all sections need to be filled in.


There may be sections with the word 'plano' or by a symbol that looks like a number 8 on its side, again this normal and we know how to process this information for you. 


If you have any questions or would just like more information, please CONTACT US. We'll be happy to answer any queries you may have. 


Prescription Date

It’s crucial we stress that we can’t make a pair of glasses with a prescription that is beyond the optometrists recommended recall date i.e. when you are due to have your eyes re-tested. This is usually 2 years.


If you have diabetes or a direct family history of Glaucoma (when over 40 years old) every prescription must be within the last 2 years for you to order your glasses.
Please note: We can't currently supply glasses for anybody under the age of 16

Pupillary Distances (PD)

This is a crucial measurement that determines where the centre of your lenses are set in relation to your pupil. The pupillary distance is the distance in millimetres between your pupils. 



The best way to get this is to ask your eye care professional although they may charge a small fee.


If you do not wish to obtain this measurement we have the option select an 'average' measurement which we have worked out for both males and females based on a large survey of our patients at our practice in the Midlands.